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* Added a description comment field to dxcluster records. This means that the user knows where a certain dxcluster is located or more details about a particular service node.
* Upgraded the dxcluster database. Added new clusters updated ip addresses and removed dead nodes. Each dxcluster in the list has been verified and carefully tested; there are more than 140, all working now...
* Added a couple of CQDX-IRC alternate accesses. One of them is a random server generator, the other one has fixed hardcoded IP (to workaround DNS problems).
* Connection scripts for DXSpider and AR cluster nodes have been enhanced to produce standard dx spot layout.
* Antidupe filter has been enhanced to deal with slightly different spot formats produced by dxnet nodes
* Added link support for HamLog and RadioGes (see C:\DXTELNET\DDEDUPE\ddedupe.txt for details) The voice cluster's PTT on LPT now works also on 32 bit system (contact me for details: you need some additional special files)
* Added a nice talk toggle on CQDX-IRC node: If you send a private talk to acertain user by typing "T CALL Text to send", the string T CALL will be automatically pretyped, prompting you to the next talk. Press ESC to delete the pretyped string.

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