What We Offer

    Special Events Communications. "Special events is a teerm coined by radio amateurs that refers to activities where the public is in attendance as observers and/or participants. They include sporting events such as marathons, bikeathons;celebrations such as parades; and exhibits at fairs,malls and museums. These are all affairs of preplanned, nonemergency nature. Ham's are of course, wellknown for their communications support of relief agencies in disaster and post-disaster situations, but they also provide a plethora of communication services on a "preventive medicine" basis to the public during special events and put on Amateur Radio demonstrations and displays, benefical to Amateur Radio's pubic image.
    Special events are normally held for the enjoyment of the public and often draw large crowds. They provide golden public relations opportunities for radio amateurs who provide support communications on a complimentary basis. They make our activities visible to nonamateurs. They sharpen our operating skills, and help justify our existence. And besides, operating special events is just plain fun!

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