My Memberships

I'm Member of a few clubs contending amateur-radio.

Following, I listed them and the PIC's are mostly links to the Homepages of the clubs..


First of all, I'm a member of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC). 
It's divided into a few districts. Mine is the District Cologne-Aachen. The districts are splitted into 'Ortsverbände' (OV). I'm the chairman of the OV G26, called Nordeifel.

There's also the award hunting club (DIG). 
My membernumber is 1299. Every thursday, the DIG hold it's DIG-Runde, at 18.00 UTC, on 3.666. Here's every guest very welcome.

10-XThe Members of the 10-X International Net want to activate the 10-m-band. In May 1997, the Neandertal Chapter was foundet and in July affiliated by the 10-X International Net. The weekly net will held each sunday afternoon at 15:30 UTCon28.450mc.
Some other clubs are:

RRDXAThe Rhein Rhur DX Association - RRDXA

ARRL - The Amateur Radio Relay League

KWCSKWCS  The Short Wave Club Schwalmtal
DSW - Diplom Sammler Waterkand

Pater Roberto Landell

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