I love writing about my hobby and you can find some of my articles in different places on the web. 

However here are a few specific links to articles I have written. I will continue to update this regularly.

Network Radios - Three Letters to a Magazine (Network Radios Website - Mar 18th, 2018)

Network Radios - “It’s not Real Ham Radio” (Network Radios Website - Mar 7th, 2018)

Network Radios - A Route into Amateur Radio? (Network Radios Website - Feb 28th, 2018)

Network Radios - It’s all about propagation (Network Radios Website - Feb 21st, 2018)

A Personal Portable Repeater for D-STAR (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - February 2015)

MB6IWL - What is it & Why Should I Care? (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - August 2014)

GB3WL inches closer (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - August 2014)

GB3WL - A New Repeater for Wythall (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - April 2014)

What is a Repeater? (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - April 2014)

G100RSGB from the Publicity Perspective (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - December 2013)

Di-Di-Di-Dah-Di-Dah (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - February 2013)

Book Review - Fred Cady: The Elecraft K3 - Design, Configuration & Operation  
(FISTS UK KeyNote Magazine - January 10th, 2013)

A Winter’s Tale …of Building a Transceiver (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - February 2012)

Another RSGB Trophy for Wythall Radio Club Members (Wythall Radio Club Newsletter - May 2011)

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