This will be the site of    K6ACZ (Kalifornia Sixer Alan C. Zack)

My former calls are: KE6UP (1982-1997) also operating portable as /DU1, /4F1, and /DU6, KH6HNZ (1970-1975) while based at US Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Pt, Hawaii, including aeromobile from SE Asia and other Pacific locations and portable operations from Cubi Pt. P.I. (DU3);  Marcus Isld (KA6); Iwo Jima Isld (KA6); Wake (KW6); Palau, Yap, Ulithi, (KC6); Kwajalein, Majuro, (KX6); Guam, Saipan (KG6); Kure (KH7); Midway (KM6); Samoa (KS6); Johnson (KJ6).  Aeromobile operation was from a USCG C-130 while enroute to these locations as well as in International waters off the coasts of Viet-Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.  While based at Elizabeth City, N.C., (1967-1970) I operated as WA0TBU/4 and as aeromobile in the North Atlantic waters off Greenland, Canada, and Iceland; European waters off Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, and Spain, and in the Caribbean area, and as KL7GAC (1964-67) based at Annette Island, also operating from Kodiak Isld, Sitka, and Juneau.  In those days you were allowed to have a "home call" (WA0TBU from St. Louis, Mo.) and a "Secondary Station" call (my callsigns from military addresses in Alaska and Hawaii).  My last Coast Guard duty station was Glenview NAS, Chicago, Ill, where I traded WA0TBU for KC9DA.  After retiring from Coast Guard Aviation with over 20 years of service I moved to Southern California and traded KC9DA for KE6UP.  I never liked the 2 by 2 calls and so traded KE6UP for K6ACZ.  I am active on the HF bands and operate the CQWWDX Contest from the Philippines about every two years.  I also try to find a more "rare" California county for the CA QSO Party (CQP) from time to time.  I have operated the CQP from Imperial and Tulare counties as well as the home county of Orange. I try to work the major contests from home.  So for you DX contesters who may be used to hearing KE6UP answering your CQ's please now listen for K6ACZ.  HOA antenna restrictions keep me in the little pistol category so you may have to listen hard.       73 and Good DX!,  Al

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