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I am Ed McKinney:

I've been a Model Railroader since 19681225, an Amateur Radio Operstor since 19930414 with the call sign of KB8QEU, and into Genealogy since 20030501. Into electrical since 19730616, electronics since 19790625, all forms from vacuum tubes to the leading edge of quantum memory, processors and engineering there of!

I have several degrees, and will not elaborate for I got them for the knowledge not to show off!

Ed McKinney
Circa 2003 as
VP and Warning
Co-ordination Meteorologist
Specialist of The
National Weather
Technologies Service!


I was born in Mabscott, West Virginia in spite mt birth record states that I was born in Saint Johns, Michigan in 19540414; but, after chatting with bllod kin, I feel differently and records shows it in the Raleigh County, West Virginia Court House. I was adopted! Actually, I am adopted twice! First time was by Okla A. McKinney and Arawana Pauline LAMBERT McKinney in May of 1954. Second adoption occurred at the Spring Revival 0000at Crow Baptist Church, Crow, West Virginia, 1969!!!


I fathered four kids. Three girls and a boy. Then my wife after 23 years left me. No other children I fathered by any other mate.

Married two more that also left me.

Then my fourth. I married her in 20150103 in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

I, now, am helping Terrie to raise her two grand kids!

I am proud of all my kids! Also am a Grandfather of eight!

In high school several of us were in the library chatting about how many kids we wanted. I kept quiet, hard to do, knowing my Daddy was #17 of 19 siblings. So, not wanting that many kids, I settled on an even dozen. Back to the library, I finally was asked how many I wanted to father, and hearing many "twos", "threes" and a few "fours and fives", I stated twelve!

Several gasped. One stated, and she definitely was not my type, "Not by me!". I fired back, quickly, "Definitely not by you! I would never impregnate you! You're too ugly and too liberal!"

Well, I got my dozen! Four kids and Eight Grand Kids! GOD knows BEST!


I lived in Jenny's Gap, Glen White, Glen View, Table Rock/Beckley, Grandview, MacArthur, Tilden, Charleston and South Charleston, West Virginia; Dallas, Texas; Mabscott and Raleigh, West Virginia; Saint Petersburg and Tampa, Florida; Cool Ridge, Beckley, MacArthur, Sophia, Sinks Grove, Alderson, Hinton, Oak Hill, Sophia, Beckley, West Virginia; Prestonsburg and Lancer, Kentucky! Yep I moved around! Several in particular towns.


I am not going into great detail of my work history for a big chunk is classified NTK, but will state a general as thus: A & P Grocery, Carolina Market, Town and Country Department Store, Industrial Electric, Gold Farbs Electric, WBES (WCHS FM) Radio, West Virginia State Capital, United Electronics Institute - West Virginia; Texas Instruments, Dallas Texas; VRN International, Saint Petersburg; HoneyWell, Tampa - Florida.

After returning to West Virginia, I gotten involved of Severe Weather Research and became the Vice-President of The National Weather Technologies Service. Funded by individuals and black box funded bu Uncle Sam. At our peak, we had a budget of several hundred million dollars. Then my CO, Tom, gotten non-reversible illness and gave up the organization.

I also had a lot of small jobs in order to support my family, through out my history!


Till I moved back to West Virginia from Florida with four kids and a wife in tow, and after placed onto  permanent disability, I had time on my hands, other than keep upwith three very active girls and my son still in dopers, I was relaxing. Having two ploice scanners, I listened in on Amateur Radio communications.

I always wanted to be in such but wit bad hearing, I could not pass the code tests! However, in late 1992, I was listening to ham radio about a MOD Walk-a-Thon. I met with a couple hams that was to be involved, Kile and Dreama Nelson ... as well several others who are now "Silent Keys", I decided to learn the "No Code" level of study to get my first Amateur Radio License. I did! Later, the FCC combined the No-Code into the Technician level.

In 1995, while living in MacArthur, I noticed that there are no reliable linking repeaters throughout Southern West Virginia. So, off to do the research!

I learned that at that time my methodology will not be financial feasible. Microwave systems were in the tens of thousands of dollars. But did 250 radius repeater data logging of their locations.

In 2015, Ray Novac told me about their methodology. That was the ticket! Their microwave systems were reasonable priced and does much more that I expected!

So I dove into my project much deeper. Plotting locations, planning, engineering and etc!

All of which I spent over 44,000 hours from 1995 to 1917. In 1917 is when I gave up my dream because no one wanted such a linking system that would haver linked many counties over two states. All of which carried voice as well data, telemetry, video and more. Not only hospitals but other entities would have benefited. At this timer it still hurts and I can not go into details of the death of a dream.

I will remain in amateur radio but will be hard. All my radios are down for either not working or since the PSU died.

Folks, my website shows of a lot of stuff I've been involved in, and there is a lot here to read and see.

Note: As you move your mouse/pointer over images, and if it indicates that it is clickable, then it is, else it is not and nothing happens. This it true on all my pages here!




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