Meetings are held at the Perry Public Library the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:30—9:00 p.m.


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HARC is a family oriented, ARRL affiliated ham radio club based in Perry, Iowa. We are friendly and aim to have fun with ham radio. Formed in March of 2010 by a group of like-minded hams, we are focused on Public Service, Fellowship, Recruitment of new hams and FUN!

You can join us at our regular monthly meetings held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Perry Public Library located at 1101 Willis Ave. Perry, IA 50220.

Although holding an FCC Amateur Radio License is not required to be a member, it certainly is encouraged. Ham radio is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages and we wish to share our passion for communicating over the airwaves with any who are interested.

The club derives its name from the Hiawatha Train service that used to run through Perry many years ago. You can read about the train service here. Part of the train line that used to run through Perry is now referred to as the Hiawatha trail. The city owned Perkins Park used to be called Hiawatha Park because of its proximity to the rail line. Our logo is loosely derived from the logo emblazoned on the front of the trains.

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Club dues are due now and are payable to

Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club:


Individual - $20

Family - $30

Minor - $10

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Serving Dallas County, Iowa and the surrounding area.

Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club

An amendment regarding quorum issues has again been presented and will be voted on at the November 13th monthly meeting. Being a constitutional amendment, we will need a 2/3 majority of the paid membership to pass.  Please see the proposed amendment below.

Text in red indicate the proposed changes.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

To be voted on at November meeting

Sec. 2 - At regular meetings, two officers plus four additional members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business until such time as the club reaches a total membership of 20 people, at which time the lesser of 12 members in good standing or
two-thirds of the 3 month average trailing attendance of members in good standing constitutes a quorum. In either case, such quorum must include at least two officers. Unless otherwise specified, a simple majority vote of
those present is required to transact Regular Club  business. Regular Club Business shall be defined as normal expenditures such as payment for insurance or reimbursement to club members for items such as supplies, etc, or other business that customarily would be considered as part of normal club operations. Special Club Business shall be defined as any changes to the Constitution or Bylaws, any major changes to club procedures, or acquisitions or divestitures of club property (whether real or personal), or any single expenditure more than $150.