--Combots 2013--

Robot: Kaku

kuku vs toro


--RoboGames 2012--

Robot: Dale's Boner


--Antenna tracking head--

Seen below at Field day 2011, with a 40cm and 2m yagi's tracking ARISS.

tracking headpan tilt b

The super struture was stolen...RIP as scrap! I Planed to use the Make controler 2.0 to control the AZ and El, of 2 12v dv motors run throu a PID loop with optical encoders and haleffect sencors counting the chain. A paper about picking the right antenna & "Satellite Tracking Heads"

Another good paper http://tdcom.fr/support/Sea-Tel/xx97/xx97_SWB_G.pdf

--MAKE Controler 2.0--

The web site hosting the device droped off the internet but befor it did I cashed the site. Make controler 2.0

--Raspberry Pi--

--Pan/Tilt Head design--

pan tilt head image



(Photo after first biuld)

From Drop Box

-Funtinal block diagram, using ROS (robot operating system).

Multi channel servo control is acheve with Pololu's 4ch usb servo controler.


--Preliminary wiring diagram



--Currnent wiring diagram.

Software installed


Rover_bot GIT


$aplay a.wav...