KK4OBI Bent Dipoles

This is the 4NEC2 antenna bend model for: Standard Horizontal V-Dipoles

To use this model:
4NEC2 is an NEC2, NEC4, Windows based antenna modeler and optimizer by Arie Voors.
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CM Standardized V-Dipole, 1-feed model for comparison studies.
CM #14 AWG. Feed point at 1/2 wavelength over ground at 28.4 mc. 
CM Fixed ratio creates only 1 segment in center at feed point.
CM For V-dipole analysis at any angle, arms up-or-down
CM KK4OBI, Dick Reid, 2016
SY hgh=5.282                         '150/28.4=5.282=1/2 wl feedpoint height - meters
SY L=5.236372                      'Optimized length of 1/2 wave dipole - meters
SY Segs=51                            'Number of segments in 1/2 wave
SY R=0.0196                          'Fixed Ratio=0.0196.  Do not change.
SY Arm=L*R                          'Length of fixed horizontal center arm
SY SegsArm=Segs*R              'Number of segments in center arm
SY Bend=L*(1-R)/2                'Length of bend arms
SY SegsBend=Segs*(1-R)/2    'Numbers of segments in bend arms
SY Ang=45                              'Arm Angle. Less than 90=down,  Greater than 90=up.
SY X=Bend*SIN(Ang)            ' X-value of bend arm
SY Z=Bend*COS(Ang)           ' Z-value of bend arm
GW    1    SegsArm    -Arm/2    0    hgh    Arm/2    0    hgh    #14           'Center arm
GW    2    SegsBend    -arm/2    0    hgh    -arm/2-x    0    hgh-z    #14    'Left bend arm
GW    3    SegsBend    Arm/2    0    hgh    Arm/2+x    0    hgh-z    #14    'Right bend arm
GE    -1
GN    2    0    0    0    14    6.e-3
EX    0    1    50%    0    1    0    0

FR    0    0    0    0    28.4    0