The Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society is composed of Hams in Middle Tennessee who are dedicated to promoting amateur radio, providing public service communications and having fun doing so. Anyone interested in Amateur radio is welcome to join us.

MTARS "For Sale" List

Last updated: ...03.28.2016 21:34

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Dell inspiron E1705 series 9400 17 in. 2 ghtz, dual core, 1 gig ram XP operating system..  Blue tooth mouse and deluxe carry bag sold separately. "Make an offer".  931-581-3407 contact Bob Payne 931-581-3407





Still cleaning up ‘round here. I gave it my best shot at pricing all this stuff but everything is OBO. If you’re interested, please email.

$12 - Like New Sigmas SP12-7.2HR Maintenance-free Sealed Lead-acid Battery, 12 v 7.2 AH

$135 - Used Mosley A-142, 2 M heavy duty VHF 14-element beam w/original parts list/assembly instructions, 12 ft boom (aprox $300 new)

$12 - Used Larsen Kulglass KG-144, thru-glass 2 M mobile antennna w/original installation instructions (aprox $82 new)

$20 - Used Comet Z750, 2/440 heavy duty tip-over high-gain dual band mobile antenna w/orignal installation instructions

$10 - Used Comet GR-5M/GRX No holes trunk lip mount, heavy duty stainless w/deluxe coax cable assembly

Tim Harrison (KD4ZTQ)









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