MTARS Membership Rev 2 2014.pdf
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Application for MTARS Membership


Membership year: ___________; Today’s Date:_____________


Dues for membership in the Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society are:


(1) $20 per year for Regular (voting) members

(2) $20 per year for Associate (non-voting or not licensed)                                                                                                  

(3) Free for Junior (under age 17, non-voting members)

An amateur license is required ONLY for regular, voting members.


Print and fill out this application and mail it along with a

Check in the proper amount to:



P.O. Box 932

Tullahoma, TN 37388-0932


Last name:___________________________________________


First name:___________________________________________


Call sign:______________Class of license:________________


Home telephone: (____)_____-_______  Cell: (____)_____-_______


E-mail address:_______________________________________


Street address:________________________________________


City: ______________________________State: ___ Zip:________


County of residence:_____________DOB:___________mm/dd/yy


Type of Membership Requesting? (please check)


Regular:_____  Associate:_____  Junior:______


Are you a member of ARRL? Yes (   ) No (   )  Life (   )




Rev: 2    01/31/2014