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Minutes of meetings as follows:

October 9, 2014

Randy, W4WRB, acting President, opened meeting at 7 pm.  27 were present.

KK4BBG (Jarred), KI4UJY (Mike H.), W4OWX (Jack) and KB4JHU (Mike G.) presented the program: go boxes

Randy called for introductions for new members/visitors.

Minutes of meeting read by Tom (AF4JJ) Motioned by George (WD4CYV) and 2nd by Ed (W7LGD) and was accepted as read.

Treasury Report read by Mike Boyea (KE4KMG)

Checking account has $114.72 via bank statement     Savings has $9005.00   Total:  $9122.42

Discussed cost of shirts, school projects and other expenditures

Treasury report was motioned to be accepted by Mike H (KI4UJY) and 2nd by Buddy (KA4DLW):   was accepted as read.

Mike Boyea (KE4KMG) mentioned due paying time again if wanted to pay early.

Technical Committee:  Talked about the 82 is linked to Huntsville now, protocol is still being worked on as to when to link and what to say.

Jess (KR4OJ) and Randy (W4WRB) went back to the 70 and checked on stuff, changed some stuff.

Tom (AF4JJ) talked of solar panel clean-up at the 70 and mentioned how nice the power has been via solar panels when power was off.  No right angle for panels, just angled for debris and rain to drop off.

82 is linked on Thursdays for weather net training (or just one Thursday?)  Looking into how to report, what to report, how to say---still being talked about.

Tina (AK4AX) told about online spotter classes

Franklin County will have live spotter coming up.

Suggest what you want the Tech com to look into.

Echolink is up and running

Ed (W7LGD) has Tullahoma Hamfest set up for March already with church.  Mike G (KB4JHU) is going to place article about it in QST magazine.  George (WD4CYV) is going to check on fee owed.

Mike H (KI4UJY) is in charge for Christmas party on 2nd Thursday in Dec and Executive Committee makes the decision where. Voted on and passed. Mike H. motioned to accept and Randy 2nd

Tim (KD4ZTQ) talked about the website and domain name, which will be left to Tim to get a name and get it done. The ayes had the vote. Mike G motioned and Jarred 2nd

Oct. 24 is Ragnor Race, which was discussed. Who is helping and where? George motioned to have club support so insurance will cover those who want to do it.  Voted on and ayes had it.

Mike G motioned to adjourn and Jarred 2nd…end of meeting

Respectfully submitted by Tina AK4AX  Club Secretary


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