Minutes of last meeting as follows:

MTARS July 11, 2013 Minutes

President AJ4QR opened the meeting at 7 PM with 21 souls present.

An introduction of Hams was made for the benefit of visitor Leon Sutherland, WB4HEX, who has been a member of MTARS from years past.


Huntsville Hamfest – Aug. 17 and Aug. 18

Cedars of Lebanon  Hamfest – Aug. 24, Saturday, located in the Cedars of Lebanon Park.

Manchester Star Triathlon – Aug. 31 at Manchester, TN

Neil Fry, KY4AD became a silent key July 10, 2013. Memorial services Sunday July 14, 2013.

Jack, W4OWX told us Ernie Moore, AD4AT, is at the Nursing Home by Harton Hospital. Visit if you can.


Chris, KD4PBJ showed a type of step-up transformer he had made, called a Joule thief, also an Oscillator that he had built.

Mike, KB4JHU, showed us an I-Gate with Raspberry pi. He demonstrated “streaming” Pandora through it.

June minutes read by WB4JRL and accepted.

Treasurer’s report read by KE4KMG, balance was $9,282.31, KK4KIN and AK4AX made motions to accept, was approved as read.



Tech Committee Report:

AF4JJ discussed repeater activity. No work needed at this time.  There was conversation about ECHO-LINK, and Weather MTEARS Link and also Digi-link.  AJ4QR request that everyone decide what they want and get back with AF4JJ.

AF4JJ gave a report on Field Day. We had 886 contacts. 1800 bonus pts., for a final total of about 2300 points. WB4JRL gave a report on our Saturday evening meal (really delicious), with a Pork Butt provided by Buddy Richison, KA4DLW, for lunch.

New Business:

KR4OJ resigned his Information Office position and from the Tech. committee.

WB4JRL resigned as Club Secretary.

The Executive Committee will appoint replacements for those positions.

KR4OJ made a motion for the Club to send flowers to Neil Fry’s funeral.  Seconded by KK4BBG.

AF4JJ made motion for adjournment at 8:28 PM

Respectfully submitted by:

Joanna Lewis, WB4JRL