80m Ground Plane


80m Inverted-L

The 80m GP is made from the base of a Valcom fiberglass antenna that I was able to get through government surplus for a good price.  The fiberglass base is 17ft long and the rest was made from aluminum that I had gathered over the years and some specially purchased tubes.

The base is concrete since I am paranoid that the whole thing may fall down in a hurricane or tropical strorm.

The antenna is 61 ft long and has a small capacity hat incorporated in the guy ropes.

The feedpoint has some stubs that allow tuning of the antenna on the ground.

80m GP

Antenna  during the construction phase

hinge plate

Hinge Plate:  1/4 inch thick steel plate/angle and 1 inch thick steel rod 

Hinge Plate


Ready to lift

Antenna Ready to Lift

Capacity Hat Details

Capacity Hat Detail

Yard Arm and Capacity Hat


It went up in 10 minutes using a tree, winch and the XYL.

stub, balun and cap box

The stub section, plastic box for variable capacitor and ugly balun

I have 4 elevated radials for 160m and about 25, 80m radials