W1DLO's Playback Repeater

147.360 Mhz | + offset | 77.0 hz CTCSS | Levant

You will find my repeater on frequency 147.360 Mhz with a positive offset.
You will need to be transmitting a 77.0 hz tone to access it.

How does my repeater differ from most other ones? It is a digital audio store-and-forward relay
system. In non-traditional terms, it is often called an "Echo" or "Parrot" repeater. Like most
repeaters, they still allow two operators, who are too far away from each other, to be able to
communicate to one another. It just takes twice as long, due to having to wait for the live
transmission to be recorded then retransmitted for the other operator to hear.

For an example:
Operator #1 calls for operator #2. The repeater records Operator #1's transmission (for up to 60
seconds). Once Operator #1 is done transmitting, the repeater will key up and playback what it
recorded for operator #2 to hear via from the repeater what operator #1 said. Then operator #2
can do the same thing back to operator #1 and so on.

The main advantage of this playback repeater is that it makes for a good method for an
operator to test their own transmission and quality of audio.

My repeater is open and all licensed hams with 2 meter privilages are welcome to use it
anytime. My only rules are to keep conversations "G" rated and to be respectful.

Details of the 147.360+ repeater in Levant...

* Controller... Argent Data Systems ADS-SR1
* Transceiver... Wouxun KG-UVD1P
* Amplifier ... Heathkit HA-202 -&- RF Concepts RFC 2-317
* Primary power source... Battery (Duracell Marine 24MS)
* Battery charger... Trickle charger (Black & Decker BMB3)
* Charger backup... Solar panel/controller (UPG 87511/Docooler CMP12)
* Coax... TIMES Microwave LMR-400 (50 feet)
* Antenna... Tram 1481
* Elevation... 30 feet above ground level
               400 feet above sea level
* Power output... 5w from HT to 35w from HA-202 to 150w from 2-317
* Original air date... August 28th, 2016

I have another playback repeater still on the air...

147.120 Mhz | + offset | 77.0 hz CTCSS | Hermon

This used to be the primary one before Levant went up but will now be using it,
meaning the frequency coordination, for some experimentation. This will likely
happen after the 2016-17 winter season. In the meantime, it is low power but
works just fine for the immediate Bangor area.

Details of the 147.120+ repeater in Hermon...

* Controller... CECL CRP-101
* Transceiver... Wouxun KG-UVD1P
* Amplifier ... None
* Primary power source... Commercial (Central Maine Power)
* Secondary power ... CyberPower 350VAC (automatically switches)
* Coax... RG-8X (30 feet)
* Antenna... Opek VH-2201
* Elevation... 20 feet above ground level
               245 feet above sea level
* Power output... 5 watts from HT
* Original air date... May 16th, 2013

A few of the Levant repeater's DTMF code features of interest are...
* Dialing "0" ...will replay the last recorded transmission. This is the "say again" command.
* Dialing "1" ...will allow an operator to record and store a message for the repeater owner.
                 (Key up, press "1", release key, listen for triple beep, key up and record
                 your message, release key, listen for another triple beep followed by your
                 recorded message. If all those steps went smoothly, your message is saved.)

Recent news/updates... * I have finished the installation of the Levant repeater and it is active and on the air. (8/28/16) * I have transported all the equipment needed for installation of the Levant repeater. Started the ground work for the antenna. Tomorrow afternoon I'm hoping to get the antenna up at least 20 feet in the air. That, along with getting the equipment set up, my goal is to have it on the air by tomorrow night. (8/27/16) * A low power repeater has been put in place of the equipment used for the Hermon one. So the Hermon repeater on 147.120+ is still on the air. (8/20/16) * The entire setup of the 147.120+ frequency has been pulled out to make way for the move to Levant location that will be on 147.360+. (8/20/16) Upcoming upgrades/changes... * There are still some minor issues to resolve with the new Levant repeater. The lightening rod was only able to penetrate 3-4 feet into the ground before it hit ledge and the rope that properly secure the mast sections are temporary. A new lightening rod will need to be bought and attempted again plus the straps I bought to properly secure the mast sections will have to be revisited soon. (8/28/16) * Big change coming up! The entire system is moving from Hermon to Levant and will be changing frequencies from 147.12+ to 147.36+ with the same tone. This big change should be happening by the end of August. Elevation at this new location will be about 150 feet higher. (7/28/16)

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