Record & Playback 2-meter Repeater

147.120 Mhz | + offset | 77.0 hz CTCSS

Status... "Active"

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You will find my repeater on bandplan frequency 147.120 Mhz with a positive offset. You
will need to be transmitting a 77.0 hz PL tone to access it.

How does my repeater differ from most other ones? It is a digital audio store-and-forward relay
system. It lets two operators, who are too far away from each other to communicate to one
another using either the same frequency OR by offset.
For an example:
Operator #1 calls for operator #2. The repeater records Operator #1's transmission (for up to 60
seconds). Once Operator #1 is done transmitting, the repeater will TX and playback what it
recorded where operator #2 might be in better range of the repeater to hear what operator #1 said
as it does the playback. Then operator #2 does the same thing back to operator #1 and so on.

Besides using this repeater as a store-and-forward system, it also makes for a good method for an
operator to test their own transmission and quality of audio.

My repeater is open and all licensed hams with 2m privilages are welcome to use it anytime.
My only rules are to keep conversations "G" rated and to respect one another.

The only times I have it disconnected are during on-the-air nets that I check into and if
I am engaged in a QSO from my home QTH. But most of the time, it is active.

A few of the repeater's DTMF code features of interest are...

* Dialing "0" ...will replay the last recorded transmission. This is the "say again" command.
* Dialing "1" ...will allow an operator to record and store a message for the repeater owner.
                 (Key up, press "1", release key, listen for triple beep, key up and record
                 your message, release key, listen for another triple beep followed by your
                 recorded message. If all those steps went smoothly, your message is saved.)
* Dialing "##01" ...will let an operator know if the repeater is locked or unlocked.
                    (Triple beep indicates "unlocked", a low double beep indicates "locked".)

The next few DTMF functions will only work if my repeater is unlocked...
(which is unfortunately rare for security reasons)
* Dialing "##22" ...will announce some general information about the repeater.
* Dialing "##70" ...will turn the repeater off.
* Dialing "##71" ...will turn the repeater on.
* Dialing "##86" ...will manually play the morse code ID on demand.
* Dialing "##95" ...will give a battery level report when on battery power via beeps.
                    (The range is 1-15 beeps with 15 beeps indicating a full charge.)
* Dialing "##98" ...will transmit a 1 khz tone for 15 seconds for setting audio levels.


* Store & forward controller... Argent Data Systems ADS-SR1
* Transceiver... Wouxun KG-UVD1P HT
* Amplifier ... Mirage B-310-G
* Power supply... Radio Shack 25amp
* Battery power #1... CyberPower 350VAC (automatic switch)
* Coax... TIMES Microwave LMR-400
* Antenna... Diamond X-510HDM
* Elevation... 35 feet above ground level
               250 feet above sea level
* Power output... 5w from HT; 100w from amp
* Air date... May 16th, 2013

Recent news/updates...

    * I replaced the power supply. (6/11/16)

Upcoming upgrades/changes...

    * I am looking to raise the antenna by
      5-15 feet sometime before the end of
      this summer. (6/11/16)

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