W1DLO's Playback Repeater

147.360 Mhz | +0.6 Mhz offset | 77.0 hz CTCSS | Levant


Details of the 147.360+ repeater in Levant...

* Controller... Argent Data Systems ADS-SR1
* NOAA SAME device... Oregon Scientific WR122
* Transceiver... Wouxun KG-UVD1P
* Amplifier ... Heathkit HA-202 -&- RF Concepts RFC 2-317
* Primary power source... Battery (Duracell Marine 24MS)
* Battery charger (daylight)... Solar panel/controller (UPG 87511/Docooler CMP12)
* Battery charger (at night)... Trickle charger (Black & Decker BMB3)
* Coax... TIMES Microwave LMR-400 (50 feet)
* Antenna... Tram 1481
* Elevation... 30 feet above ground level
               400 feet above sea level
* Power output... 5w from HT to 35w from HA-202 to 150w from 2-317
* Original air date from this location... August 28th, 2016

You will find my repeater on frequency 147.360 Mhz with a positive offset.
You will need to be transmitting a 77.0 hz tone to access it.

How does my repeater differ from most other ones? It is a digital audio store-and-forward relay
system. In non-traditional terms, it is often called an "Echo" or "Parrot" repeater. Like most
repeaters, they still allow two operators, who are too far away from each other, to be able to
communicate to one another. It just takes twice as long, due to having to wait for the live
transmission to be recorded then retransmitted for the other operator to hear.

For an example:
Operator #1 calls for operator #2. The repeater records Operator #1's transmission (for up to 60
seconds). Once Operator #1 is done transmitting, the repeater will key up and playback what it
recorded for operator #2 to hear via from the repeater what operator #1 said. Then operator #2
can do the same thing back to operator #1 and so on.

The main advantage of this playback repeater is that it makes for a good method for an
operator to test their own transmission and quality of audio.

My repeater is open and all licensed hams with 2 meter privilages are welcome to use it
anytime. My only rules are to keep conversations "G" rated and to be respectful.

Recent news/updates...

* The NOAA weather radio SAME alerts for our
area have been added to my 147.120/PL 77.0 part of
the system. It is still in a testing stage/phase but
looking to add it to my wider range 147.360 repeater
if it works successfully throughout the rest of the
winter. (1/24/17)
* My brother-in-law and I mounted the antenna to the
back of the garage as most recently planned and the
repeater is back on the air. (10/23/16)
* Due to time restraints, I had to get the repeater
antenna pulled down and away from the tree it was on
so it can be cut down. Plans to mount it to the
garage is planned for this coming Satruday unless
life gets in the way. Otherwise, an upcoming Saturday
where I have a full day off to work on it. (10/5/16)

Upcoming upgrades/changes...

* Sometime within the next few months, I am also
looking to add something very unique. An Amazon
Echo Dot device. Click here to see a video about
it. Uncertain whether this will become a permenant
installation but looks promising to experiment with
and if it doesn't get abused. (1/9/17)
* Sometime within the next few months, I am looking
to add NOAA weather radio SAME alert broadcasts.
I am currently testing the device that will be
installed to be sure I have the correct county codes
added. (12/30/16)
* I am looking into either adding or replacing the
commercial power trickle charger with wind power
sometime in the summer of 2017. At some point this
winter, I am planning to purchase 1 or 2 mini wind
turbines that can be mounted part ways up the mast
holding the repeater antenna. Then having it/them
connected to the solar panel charge controller.
Then, between those two, I may completely eliminate
the commercial powered trickle charger and allow
my repeater to be completely off the power grid
and independent. (12/29/16)

W1DLO's Experimental Playback System

147.120 Mhz | +0.6 Mhz offset | 77.0 hz PL & 454 DPL | Hermon

147.555 Mhz | no offset | 100.0 hz PL & DMR CC7 TG-9998 | Hermon


Details of the 147.12/72 & 147.555 setup at my home QTH in Hermon...

First of all, both sets of frequencies will only work one at a time. So if
there is a QSO or somebody is using 147.12/72, 147.555 won't work until that
parameter is idle for at least 5 seconds. This is only because both sets of
frequencies are being utilized by parts of the same system and can not operate
simultaneously. Trying it won't hurt the system but just a FYI.

On 147.12/72, operators can only use the PL or the DPL at a time for the
same reasons explained above with the set of frequencies. If there is a QSO
or somebody using PL 77.0, DPL 454 won't work until it has been inactive for
at least 5 seconds.

On 147.555 simplex, operators using a 100.0 hz tone will trigger a record &
playback response with the same PL 100.0. If an operator uses the DMR color
code 7 on talk group 9998, it is ONLY set up for the Alexa app to transmit

Proper usage of the Alexa app in DMR mode... By using the wake word "Alexa", you
can ask multiple question and receive useful and fun informational responses. My
only request is for properly licenced operators to use some common sense in
what they ask her. Please do not ask Alexa to play music, sing, etc that would
violate FCC licensing rules. I eliminated as much inappropriate content as I
could but Amazon doesn't have a lot of disabling features at this time. Some
useful ways to use Alexa would be to ask her the time, the weather, the news, sport
highlights, and calendar events (I've added on air nets and hamfest dates). Or,
think up some of your own questions to ask. I have added a few ham radio skills
such as QRZ and APRS to which you can ask for an operator's callsign info or an
operator's APRS location.

* Controller... Argent Data Systems ADS-SR1
* Alexa app device... Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation)
* Transceiver... Tytera MD-380
* Amplifier ... Mirage B23
* Primary power source... Commercial (Central Maine Power)
* Coax... RG-8X (30 feet)
* Antenna... Opek VH-2201
* Elevation... 20 feet above ground level
               245 feet above sea level
* Power output... 35 watts
* Original air date from this location... May 16th, 2013

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