W1DLO's 2-meter Playback Repeaters

147.120 Mhz & 147.360 Mhz | +0.6 Mhz offset | 77.0 hz CTCSS | Levant


Details of the 147.120+/360+ repeaters in Levant...

* Controller... Argent Data Systems ADS-SR1
* NOAA SAME device... Oregon Scientific WR122
* Transceiver... Tytera MD-380
* Amplifier ... Heathkit HA-202 -&- RF Concepts RFC 2-317
* Primary power source... Battery (Duracell Marine 24MS)
* Battery charger (daylight)... Solar panel/controller (UPG 87511/Docooler CMP12)
* Battery charger (at night)... Trickle charger (Black & Decker BMB3)
* Coax... TIMES Microwave LMR-400 (50 feet)
* Antenna... Tram 1481
* Elevation... 30 feet above ground level
               400 feet above sea level
* Power output... 5w from HT to 35w from HA-202 to 150w from 2-317
* Original air date from this location... August 28th, 2016

You will find my repeaters on frequency 147.120 Mhz and on 147.360 Mhz which use the same
hardware but can only operate one at a time. Both frequency sets use positive offsets and both
use a 77.0 hz sub-audible tone in and out for access.

How does this type of repeater differs from most others? It is a digital audio store-and-forward
relay system. In non-traditional terms, it is often called an "Echo" or "Parrot" repeater. Like
most repeaters, they still allow two distant operators, to be able to communicate to one another.
It just takes twice as long, due to having to wait for the live transmission to be recorded then
retransmitted for the other operator to hear.

For an example:
Operator #1 calls for operator #2. The repeater records Operator #1's transmission (for up to 60
seconds). Once Operator #1 is done transmitting, the repeater will key up and playback what it
recorded for operator #2 to hear via from the repeater what operator #1 said. Then operator #2
can do the same thing back to operator #1 and so on.

The main advantage of these playback repeaters are that they make for a good method for an
operator to test their own transmission and quality of audio.

My repeaters are open and all licensed hams with 2 meter privilages are welcome to use them
anytime. My only rule and request are to keep conversations "G" rated and to be respectful.

Another nice feature of my repeater on just the 147.360 side is that I have it set up to transmit
NOAA Weather Radio's "SAME" alerts meaning that it will only play clips of the local weather
radio's continuous broadcast only when there is some type of local weather warning in effect.

Recent news/updates...

* 8/1/17 - I noticed that my 147.360 repeater is offline and
not working. I was planing to go to the site soon anyway to
replace the transceiver and allow the 147.120 frequency
set to be active again.

* 4/15/17 - The NOAA SAME alerts were added to the 147.360/960

Upcoming upgrades/changes...


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