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Welcome to our club!

The San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club is a social club. Our members include those who are young and still in school, those who are retired, and those who are still working. Their professions range from scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, students, and electricians, to teachers, plumbers and computer geeks.

We represent a mixed bag of lifestyles, with one thing in common -- our passion for Amateur Radio! Some members love to build, some enthusiastically chase after rare DX, and some are simply addicted to contesting.

Founded in 1946 at the end of WWII, our club has been true to one simple philosophy -- help others and have fun doing it.

If you are new to the hobby and eager to get started, or just want to see real Hams up close, why not stop by and get acquainted?


Steve Wardlaw, KN6Y
kn6y @ socal.rr. com

San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club