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Wednesday - 0130 UTC   7.182  Mhz  LSB,
QRM adjustment usually needed
(7.297 back up frequency).
Suspended for the summer due to QRN!

Saturday - 1600 UTC   14.347.0  Mhz  USB, QRM adjustment if needed.

Look for us on the WA2IBM ECHOLINK conference during and after the NET.

Atlanta IBM Radio Club Net
at 1930 local time (eastern). 
The NET Meets the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays on the WB4QOJ/R 146.955 (-) 77HZ Tone.
Serving West Metro Atlanta from Dallas, Georgia.

   If you have Echolink capability please join Net Control K0CZR at 1930 local time on Node #3026.

Thursday -  1600 UTC (1500 during daylight savings time)  3.645 Mhz, QRM adjustment if needed.
Participants: DL0IBM (Hannover) , DL0IC (Berlin) , DF0IBM (Essen) , 
(Mainz) , DK0ID (Duesseldorf) a.o.
Contact : IBMKlubHA#DE.IBM.COM  
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Current IBM WWHAM Callsign List.  Click on "WWHAM Listing" in the left column.

Logging Program & IBM WWHAM database for IQP (free downloads).     Also, you may be interested in using GetDXSummit for the IQP & other operating times.

List of Callsigns accessible by RYLogit software.

    IQP = IBM QSO Party

IQP Rules                                                                 

IQP Results

List of IBM Stations to check into Saturday Net

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ECHOLINK VoIP Free Software

Help with EchoLink & Router setup

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EchoLink Conference server for IBMHAMS :   WA2IBM

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