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Over 60 Years in Ham Radio

Licensed as WN0UBD, Maple Lake, MN in April of 1954.  1st Station: Hallicrafters S-38C Receiver,  Homebrew 6L6 power oscillator from the ARRL  publication "How to Become a Radio Amateur".  Rock bound on 3736 KHz.   In 1955 I dropped the "N" from the call and upgraded the station to a S-40A Rx, Heathkit AT-1 & VF-1 VFO.
I began 144 MHz AM & CW operation in 1956 with a surplus T-23/ARC-5,  a home brew plate
  modulator, a home brew receiving converter and a home brew 6 element Yagi made from old TV antennas.

Current equipment:  ICOM 756PRO, Collins 30L-1 Amp.

             Ham Radio Software written by 

          Fox Hunting in Rochester, MN mid 1970's

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          Annual Military to Amateur Crossband Test
(one week before Armed Forces Day)

           Amateur Radio & the International Space Station  ( ARISS )

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1955 on the left,  current on the right

My Antenna:  20 Mtr Inverted "V".   Works on 40 - 10 meters with AEA Ant. Tuner

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My other Hobby is Piloting this 2015 Mustang GT

73, Bob

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