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PH is the mode designator for all voice modes.
Unless specifically called out in the rules not requiring a Cabrillo log, always use PH as the voice mode designator for contesting. The Cabrillo file template has a 2-letter field for the mode, so SSB is not a Cabrillo file mode. Since many contest sponsors are using the Cabrillo format (and more will in the future), users should get in the habit of using PH instead of SSB. In most contests, the points value is set to zero when SSB is selected, as a reminder. For the same reason, GenLog uses `RY` and `PK` as the 2-letter Cabrillo modes for RTTY and PSK.

Some contests use non-Cabrillo specified modes and they either don`t fit in GenLog`s 3-letter field or there isn`t a Cabrillo specified mode yet. GenLog`s DIG corresponds to DG in the Cabrillo format. For Hellschrieber in GenLog, use HS or DIG which converts to DG in Cabrillo.

In the MDXA PSK Death Match Contest you can use PSK31 and PSK63 modes. In GenLog these modes are tagged as P31 and P63, which correspond to 31 and 63 in the Cabrillo file 2-letter field.

These modes are available either by using the {Mode} pull-down combo box or by <Entering> the shortcut into the `callsign field`. Ex: PK, PS, P31 and P63.