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Bonus points

Read about Power multipliers.

In some contests, you are required to select or input the bonus points or bonus multipliers. Click the [Multi/Bonus] button to setup the bonus points. Then re-load the log file to update the score. A bonus file is created for contests that use the bonus feature, to make scoring more automatic. The filenames are hard coded into GenLog and are names that are similar to the contest name - with an .ini extension.
fd_bonus.ini - is the ARRL Field Day file.
fl_bonus.ini - Florida QSO Party.
wv_bonus.ini - West Virginia QSO Party.

Be aware that the data from the bonus file will be used for every contest of that type. So, update it each time you operate that contest. If there are no bonus values for this year`s contest, uncheck the options or select zero values.
If an error occurs from loading one of these bonus files, just delete it. GenLog will make another the next time you use the bonus feature.