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Only the <Enter> and <Space Bar> keys can be used to accept data inputs and move to the next field. Contest specific multiplier sub-routine code is only called when data is entered using the <Enter> or <Space> keys. It just won`t work with the <Tab> key!

Viewing multiplier totals:
In selected contests, click the {Counties} {Depts} {Mults} or {Areas} label to display the total multipliers from the datafile. Then use the {Worked} and {To Work} functions to see these totals. This only works per log. If the logger shows 17 multipliers worked, when you click {Worked}, there should be 17 shown. If not, you probably spelled one wrong. By the same logic, the {To Work} number should be the total minus the {Worked} number.

Need a way to count your own country as a multiplier? This example is for the MDXA PSK Contest. Since US stations receive the State from other US stations, you need a way to count W as a DXCC multiplier. Use GenLog`s QSO editor to change the second QSO with the same state as follows:

DAVE VA 1-40m 1 
ALEX CT 2-40m 1 <-- first time CT worked on 40m.
RON VE 3-40m 1 
MIKE CT/W 4-40m 1 <-- second time CT worked on 40m.

When you change the multiplier, GenLog will re-number the `# new mults` column. Actually, changing the multiplier to anything different will count as a new multiplier.

Keep in mind, when you enter an exchange, you must enter what the other station transmits. GenLog cannot change the spelling of log data! The logger may suggest exchange text based on the contest and the callsign you enter - BUT as always, enter what you receive from the other station.
More and more contest sponsors do cross-checking of logs, so it is a bad practice to simply accept the logger lookup text. This is why GenLog does not change what you enter - the logger has no way of knowing what the transmitted exchange is ! After all, you QSL`d the message - it IS correct in your log - right? 

After writing your submissions fie (most of the time a Cabrillo), remove your log edits before submitting the log file. You do not want to be penalized in exchange cross checking. The contest sponsor will count the multipliers correctly.

Need a way to count your own state as a multiplier? In State QSO Parties where all 50 states are multipliers (in addition to the counties), you need a way to count your own state as a multiplier, and compute the correct score. A slash followed by your 2-letter state abbreviation is added to the county exchange of one QSO. Actually, if you enter anything that makes the multiplier different (CAS/ or CAS+), GenLog will count it as a new multiplier. Remove these edits in your Cabrillo file before submitting the log file. See an example.