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Merging Log files

You can combine selected contest LOG files to get the States/Grids worked per band. Use the Log Merge Files menu and merge log files into existing General logging files [option 09].

For example, to merge an ARRL 160m Contest log into a new General Log:
Start a General Log and enter a dummy QSO (use your own call sign). After you have one QSO in the log, re-load the log file to activate the pull-down menus. Select Merge Files from the Log menu. Select the ARRL 160 Contest from the left window. Then single-click the ARRL 160m contest file from the right window. The 160m log is merged into the General log file. Re-load the General log file to see the added QSOs. Delete the first QSO in the [Edit/Change Log] screen.

If you already have a General log file, just follow the merging procedure above.