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All Asian Contest

Send RS(T) and 2-digit age, ex: 59 35. YLs can send 00 for their age, ex: 599 00.

Asian stations work everyone.
QSO points:
0 points for QSO with same entity.
On 160m with Asian station = 3 points, 9 points with non-Asian station. 
On 80m and 10m with Asian station = 2 points, 6 points with non-Asian station. 
Other bands with Asian station = 1 point, 3 points with non-Asian station.
Each different DXCC entity per band, but no multipliers for working the same entity.

Non-Asian stations work Asian stations only. See [ allasian.txt ] for the 55 Asian entities.
QSO points:
On 160m = 3 points.
On 80m and 10m = 2 points. 
Other bands = 1 point.
Each different Asian prefix (same as WPX Contest) per band.

Score = Total multipliers  X  QSO points.

Put your age in the `Year Licensed` field of the setup screen, or edit the `TX exchange` field in the logging screen before you start logging, so the correct data will appear in your log file. When an existing file is re-loaded, this data is taken from the log and inserted into the `TX exchange` field.

Datafile required: [ allasian.txt ].