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CQ-WE Contest

Western Electric/Bell employees or retirees:
Work everyone and exchange your name and your work location code and a 2-digit number representing the years of service - ex: CB 08 or if retired you can add `R` to your code if you wish - ex: BHR 25. This field is called CodeYear in the logger.
Multipliers are each code per mode.

Non-WE/Bell stations:
Work only WE/Bell stations (non-ZZ) and exchange name and code ZZ plus the 2-digit number of years entering this contest - including this year - ex: ZZ 01 for first time entry. ZZ station to ZZ station QSOs are not counted.
Multipliers are each code per mode.

Important Note:
For ease of CodeYear entry, the code and 2-digit year are <Entered> together as one field. The software will format the information and write it to the log. See more on multiple fields input. This input must be in the format LLnn (letter letter number number) - ex: BH12 or LLRnn when receiving a retiree code - ex: BHR30. The 2-digit year will be displayed in the points field - if not 2 numbers, you did not enter the CodeYear in the correct format. ZZ status stations working other ZZ stations displays 0 in the points field.
Work stations on all non-WARC HF bands plus VHF up to 432MHz. Work stations on 3 modes - CW, PH and DIG (RTTY, PSK, AMTOR).

The score is sum of the 3 mode scores (CW Q-points times the CW mults + PH Q-points times the PH mults + DIG Q-points times the DIG mults).

Datafiles used for reference: [ dxcc_pre.dat & CQ-WE-Bell-Mults.dat ].