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Multiple field inputs

Some input fields will be used to combine QSO information to make logging simpler and faster. This example shows entering the serial# and a 1 or 2-letter Province - for the EA DX Contest.

When 12CS is entered into the `combined input field`, the number is parsed from the alpha characters and separated into 2 fields. Slashes are not used. You can enter the serial as 1, 01 or 001. Try it to see how this works before the contest starts. 

See examples of this in the ARRL Nov SS, Helvetia, NRAU Baltic, Commonwealth CW, CQ-WE, OE 160m and EA-DX Contests.

In some contests, you will notice that <Entering> data into this field after it has been separated, will cause unknown results. Always enter the serial# followed by the exchange into the combined input field.

You will also notice in some contests the serial# exchange cannot be entered before the callsign, as GenLog uses the callsign to setup the serial# exchange field format.