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Japan International DX Contest

JAs: Work only DX (non-JA) and send signal report and Prefecture number (1-50).
Enter your Prefecture number into the `Sec/Prov` field in the setup screen.
Multipliers are CQ Zones and DXCC countries (except JD1) worked on each band. 

Others: Work only JAs and JD1 islands and send signal report and CQ Zone number. Multipliers are different Prefecture numbers (1-50), max 50 per band.

QSO points:
On 80m and 10m = 2 points.
On 40m, 20m and 15m = 1 point.
Stations are worked once per band.

Score = Total multipliers  X  QSO points.

Datafile required:
Reference: jidxmult.lst