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DXCC prefix datafile

The DXCC prefix is a key part of score calculations and multiplier checking for most contests. First - the Exceptions datafile is searched to find the prefix exceptions. Then the main dxcc prefix file [ dxcc_pre.dat ] is searched. This file is also used for country, ITU zone and continent lookup, and must reside in the logging folder for contests and functions to work properly. This datafile is required by GenLog during setup as well.

Remember that <Enter> and <Space> are used to accept input data. <Tab> is only used to move between fields and does not activate the scoring and multiplier functions.

Note: In the [ dxcc_pre.dat ] data file, DXCC prefixes that can be confused with States or RAC provinces are tagged with ! after the prefix (examples: OK!  LA!).

When the label is visible, clicking it will show the DXCC datafile.

Simple text search:
Double clicking the label will display an input box. Enter a prefix or partial of anything in the file, to view that line. As an example, entering `Nic` displays - HT.H6.H7.YN[Nicaragua]<NA>11  YN
This is only a simple string matching lookup like `Search` in NOTEPAD and serves no other purpose. The string that matches what you enter is returned. Entering P3 will return the first instance of P3 --> KP3. T9 returns CT9, etc.

To lookup an actual callsign, enter 3 or more characters into the callsign field and see what country is displayed. Note: You must be in a contest setup that uses DXCC prefixes for this to work. Or - you can run PREFIXES.exe while logging and <Alt> + <Tab> between them.