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UTC Time

Make sure the computer clock / date and UTC offset are correct. While in the setup form, click on the UTC offset label to change it. You can use offsets in 0.5 hour increments (VO1 example). This allows the PC`s system clock to remain in the local time zone.

If you are going to start logging at the beginning of a contest, it only takes a few seconds to verify that your logger`s clock is set to the same UTC hour as what the contest rules specify as the beginning of the contest. The UTC offset and other settings are saved when you continue to the logging screen.

In the system clock setup, sychronize your PC`s clock automatically by setting the Internet Time setup to `` in the combo-box.

Set the wrong UTC offset?
Use the application Gen_Time.exe post-contest to add or subtract X hours from all the times in your log. Sorry, no minutes adjustment! Also you need to check/edit the date changes at UTC midnight.

Make sure you don`t reset the UTC offset mid-contest without first adjusting the QSO hour times in the log file, using Gen_Time. Make the adjustment to the log first. Re-run GenLog, set the correct UTC offset and re-load your log. Continue logging.

Gen_Time can also be used as a log file viewer.