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Rover category

If you want to operate in one of the ARRL `Big 4` contests or a generic Sprint as a ROVER, use my free KM ROVER software.

GenLog does not directly support the rover category for log submissions. But, when using GenLog in one of the VHF/UHF Sprints, you can enter in the ROVER category.

The following example is for using GenLog in the VHF/UHF Sprints sponsored by the East Tennessee DX Association. ** Other Sprints - see below.
Partial rules:
4.2. Multiplier: The total number of different grid squares worked. Each 2 degrees by 1 degree grid square counts as one multiplier.
4.3. Final score: Multiply QSO points by multipliers. Each Sprint is scored separately.
4.4 Rovers score same, but please segregate logs by grid. Scoring for Rovers is cumulative, total # of grids worked from each grid activated multiplied by total # of stations worked in each grid activated.

Per the rules, the contest sponsor wants the logs separated by grids activated. The multiplier total is the sum of the different grid locators worked in each grid activated. So, using a separate log file for each grid activated and merging them post contest works perfectly.

Basically you operate the contest using a new GenLog file for each grid activated and merge the files by doing `Copy` + `Paste` in NOTEPAD, ignoring the headers in all files but the first file #1.

Important Notes:
Do any required editing of the individual logs before merging them. If you edit a grid locator in the merged file (for example), GenLog will re-number the new grids column and your multiplier total will be wrong (reducing the score displayed).

Using a log filename that indicates the grid and band for each roving location is most helpful. ex: fn20_144june   fn21_144june  etc.

How to:
Start GenLog and enter your first grid square locator into the setup form. Select the `Generic VHF Sprint` contest. Enter the band when prompted for a band designator. Alternately, your current grid locator can be <Entered> into the `TX Exchange` field while in the logging screen. Log stations as usual until you are ready to move.

After setting up in grid #2, repeat the above sequence for that grid square. And so on till the end of the contest.

Post contest, merge your log files into one file for log submission and to get a total score.
1. Open file #1 in NOTEPAD (for example). Do SAVE AS and save the file as a new name - 2k3_144s.log (for example).
2. Open file #2. Highlight the QSO data only, by dragging the mouse starting at line 3 and going down to the end of the last line. Do <Ctrl> + <C> to copy the QSO data. This log data (minus the log header) can be merged into the new file #1.
3. Click the mouse at column 1 on the next line after the last QSO in file #1. Do <Ctrl> + <V> to paste the QSO data. Make sure there aren`t any blank lines below the last QSO line. The cursor should flash in the first column of the line directly below the last QSO, nothing below that. Save file #1.
4. Do #2 and #3 with the other file(s) as necessary, saving file #1 each time.

When done merging files, file #1 will contain all the QSO data from all grids activated. Load file #1 into GenLog. The correct score is displayed.

Write the ASCII log output file [ urCall.log ] to be submitted to the contest sponsor.
Write the ASCII summary output file [ urCall.sum ] to be submitted to the contest sponsor. Be sure to edit the summary file header, changing your category to ROVER and adding the locators activated, etc. Re-save the file.

Actually it`s simple. Try it on 2 dummy Sprint files like I did.

2003 144 MHz Sprint
04/03/03       W3KM           106
144   PH  04/03/03  1604  W1AW FN20         FN31   1-144  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1605  W3RJW FN20         FN20   2-144  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1607  WA3DRC FN20         FN20  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1700  W1AW FN21         FN31   1-144  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1702  W3RJW FN21         FN20   2-144  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1703  WA3DRC FN21         FN20  1
144   PH  04/03/03  1711  AA2DR FN21         FN30   3-144  1

The above log shows 7 QSOs, 2 grids activated and 5 multipliers total. The first 2 header lines are used by GenLog to setup the logger in the 144 MHz Sprint mode. The `106` on line 2 is the contest number, which is all GenLog needs to know to log in that activity, so you don`t have to make a config file for each contest.

** Other Sprints:
VHF/UHF/Microwave Sprints can have various names - which can change. When using a generic Sprint logging option, edit the contest name in the summary file header before submission. Also manually re-calculate your score if necessary and edit the scoring part of the summary.