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North American Sprint Contests

North America works everyone.
Non-North American stations work North America only. All stations send QSO serial #, name and State/Province/Country. Name field limited to 12 characters.

49 States, 8 Canadian Provinces and North American countries. Non-North American countries only count for QSO credit, and are tagged as *DXCC in the log. KH6 is not counted as a state and is not a North American country.

Total number of valid QSOs  X  total multipliers.

See the complete NA Sprint rules for special QSY information. Enter/change your name/nickname in the TX Exchange field. Note: Your name is not saved in the log file, therefore this software has limited use in the multi-op category, where the TX name could be different on some bands.

Datafile required: [ nasprint.dat ].