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QRP ARCI TopBand Sprint

See ARCI Summer contests.

160m only.
Exchange RST, State/Prov/DXCC and QRP ARCI member number (or power level for non-member). Enter/change your member number in the TX Exchange field.

Mults are 50 states, Canadian provinces and DXCC countries per mode. 

QSO points:
With QRP ARCI member = 5 points.
With non-member different continent = 4 pts.
With non-member same continent = 2 pts.

Use the `W` or `MW` indicators when entering power levels (55MW, 5W etc.) to distinquish it from a member number. When entering any number without the W or MW suffix, GenLog scores it as a 5 point member number.
SSB - Enter A,B,C,D or E for Power Classes 100mW - <500mW, 0.5-2W, 2-10W, >10W and <100mW respectively. This represents power multipliers of X15, X10, X7, X1 and X20 respectively. Why the non-order ? The <100mW level was added later by the sponsor.

CW - Enter A,B,C,D or E for Power Classes 55mW - <250mW, 0.25-1W, 1-5W, >5W and <55mW respectively. This corresponds to X15, X10, X7, X1 and X20 power multipliers respectively.

Note: Use the smaller multiplier if you operate mixed mode.

Log submissions:
  • Please make sure your power level code (A thru E) is the last character of the CATEGORY: tag.
  • Use W or MW for power level exchanges, others are assumed to be member numbers.

    Click the [ Multi/Bonus ] button to input your power multiplier. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

    Score = QSO points  X  SPCs  X  Power Multiplier.

    Datafile required: [ sections.dat ].