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DIE Spanish Islands Contest

DIE = Diploma de Islas Espaņolas  or  Spanish Islands Award

Island stations: Work everyone and send RST and DIE or DIEI reference number. 
QSO points: 2 points for each QSO.

General (all others): Work only Sea and Inland Spanish Island stations and send RST and QSO serial number.
QSO points: 5 points for each QSO.

10 points per QSO with EA5RKX on each mode.
Work stations on each band and 3 modes - CW, SSB and RTTY.
Score = total QSO points.

When <Entering> an island reference number into the log, it is not necessary to enter the dash. GenLog will insert the dash separator automatically, followed by the 3 numerals. Obviously if you <Enter> only 2 numbers after the letter(s), the dash will be inserted in the wrong position. Try it to see how this works. A non-valid island reference # will not be found in the data file, and an `Island not found...` error message will be generated and displayed in the `Contest name` label.

Island stations:
When re-loading an existing log, your island number is placed in the TX exchange field. The logger decides which end of the QSO you will be operating from based on whether or not you <Enter> an island # in the beginning of the contest.

Since Island stations can work both island and general stations, GenLog uses the first character of your exchange input to decide if it is an island # or a QSO serial number. Ex: an input with a letter as the first character is obviously an island reference number.

Data files:
You may enter an island # at any time. The name of the island is displayed in the yellow `Contest name` label up top. An island # not found in the data file produces an `Island not found...` error message in the `Contest name` label.

The first island character entered tells GenLog what data file to search. When `E` is entered as the first character, the file [ die_list.dat ] that contains only inland island reference numbers is searched (250 total). The file [ diei_lst.dat ] contains the remaining reference numbers (1299 total).

Datafiles required: [ die_list.dat ] and [ diei_lst.dat ].