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Generic 6-Digit Contest

Stations send RST and QSO serial number, plus 6-digit grid locator (required to calculate QSO points based on the distance in kM).

Enter your 6-digit locator in the set-up screen.
You may enter the other station`s 6-digit grid at any time. The distance, beam heading and QSO points will be displayed.

1 point for each kilometer of distance.
Score = total distance points.

Partial Callsign search:
As described in the Partial Search topic, WWL (grid squares) will also be displayed along with the callsign if you make search datafiles that include 4 or 6-digit locators. Click the callsign in the right-hand window, then click the grid locator to insert them into the appropriate fields.

Data file search: New versions of GenLog use [vhf4k.adi] for 6-digit grid lookup.

Map datafiles required are here.