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W/VE QSO Party

US/VE Islands Contest

W / VE island stations work everyone and send RST, US Island # or CISA Island #.
Non-island stations work W / VE island stations only and send RST and State/Prov/`DX`.

QSO points:
W / VE island stations and rovers score 1 pt. for each non-island QSO worked and 5 pts. for each USI or CISA island QSO worked.
Non-island stations score 5 pts. for each QSO with W / VE island stations.

Multipliers: Each different state/province/territory worked. When an exchange input is > 2 characters (an island #), the state/prov is taken from the island # and displayed in the log. DX prefixes are not multipliers. Island stations work DX for points only. GenLog flags non-W, non-VE, non-KH6 and non-KL7 prefixes as `DX`. If the station isn`t DX, then just over-type the `DX` with the received island number.

Work a station on PH, CW and PSK per band.
Score = total points  X  multipliers.

The island name text is written to the log file - for the awards program. If the sponsor requests a Cabrillo log, use the Log Write More Files Menu Write Cabrillo menu.

The logger decides which end of the QSO you will be operating from, if you enter an island # in the beginning.

W / VE non-island stations enter your 2-digit State or Province in the State/Prov field in the setup screen. All 2-digit inputs are assumed to be either a State or Province/Territory.
DX stations enter `DX` in the State/Prov field in the setup screen.

You may enter an island # at any time. The name of the island is displayed in the yellow `Contest name` label up top. Island names are taken from the files [usi_dir.dat] and [ cisa_dir.dat] and are saved in the ASCII log starting at column 83 - for the awards program. Island numbers not in the datafile can still be logged.

Island stations:
When re-loading an existing log, your island number is placed in the TX exchange field. You may enter another island number in that field (Rovers). I have not coded anything for rovers, so the results are unknown.

Datafiles required: [ usi_dir.dat ] & [ cisa_dir.dat ].