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DDFM 50-MHz Contest

In this French Departments Contest, French stations can work everyone and send RST, serial number and 4-digit grid locator.
Non-French stations work French stations only and send RST, serial number and 4-digit grid locator.

All F stations will sign with their department as part of the call. ex: F8PO/71  F1DUO/01 etc. GenLog will check for a valid department number after the slash and separate the call from the department number.

Note: Only when a valid department number is entered, does GenLog display the department name in the yellow {Contest name} label at the top of the screen. Otherwise when a slash is entered in the callsign, it is either just another portable station or in the case of a French station, an invalid department number. All non-F station logs should show a department number in the last column of the ASCII log file for each QSO, since you are only working F stations.

Work a station once. QSO points: 1 pt. for each QSO worked.

Multipliers: Grid locators and Department numbers.
Band mults shown are only the locators. The total mults including departments are shown in the totals field.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

When you print the multiplier list, a multiplier data file is also written to the logging folder. The filename is [ urCall.mlt ].

The total department mults can be viewed when you click the {Worked} label. As with other contests, the sum of the {Worked} and {To Work} totals should equal the overall total (96 in this case).

Datafiles required: [ all_coun.dat ] & [ counties.txt ].
Map datafiles required are here.