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Worked All Germany Contest

DL stations work everyone and send RST and DOK number. Multipliers are DXCC/WAE entity/countries per band.

QSO Points:
1 point for QSO with DL stations, 3 points for other European countries and 5 points for all other DX.

Others work only DL stations and send RST and QSO Serial number. Multipliers are the German districts per band, based on the first alpha character of the DOK letter/number combination, (26 per band, A-Z).

QSO points:
3 points per QSO with German stations.

Work a station on PH and CW on each band.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers from all bands.

Output file for submission is an STF file.

Datafile required: [ dok_list.dat ].