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Islands On The Air
Stations send RST and QSO serial number, plus IOTA reference number if applicable. If not applicable, just hit <Enter> or <Space> at the IOTA input field - GenLog will put `NONE` in the log.

When entering the received IOTA number, do not use the dash. After entering an IOTA number, the information is displayed in the yellow {Contest name} label for that IOTA. If an invalid IOTA number is entered that is not found in the data files, the {Contest name} label does not change. See error messages and more information, as well as the IOTA data files, below.

Different IOTA reference numbers on both CW and SSB, on each band.

QSO points:
Island Stations contacting
World Stations: 5 points.
Island Stations having the same IOTA reference: 5 points.
Other Island Stations: 15 points.

World Stations contacting
World Stations: 2 points.
Island Stations: 15 points.

Keep in mind that the points lookup only works when you <Enter> an IOTA number. If you put the number in the field and click `Save data to Log` with the mouse, the points lookup routine was skipped - and the default points = 2.

Score = total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Edit your Cabrillo file to include:
Also, edit the time category and the operator category as necessary.

IOTA data files required:
iota_af.dat iota_na.dat
iota_an.dat iota_oc.dat 
iota_as.dat iota_sa.dat

You may edit these files when new IOTA reference numbers are added. The error message `Data file [ iota_**.dat ] not found...` is displayed if the data file isn`t in the logging folder. And, the `Data file [ ] not found...`  error is displayed if an invalid 2 letter IOTA continent prefix is entered.

The logger decides which end of the QSO you are operating from based on whether or not you enter an IOTA reference number in the beginning.