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10-10 Contests:
Winter (PH)  Spring (CW)
Summer (PH)  Fall (CW)
10-10 Day Sprint (all Modes)

10m contest.
Besides your callsign, stations send your name, QTH (State or country) and your 10-10 number, if a member. If no member number is received, enter 0 or hit <Enter> to skip the input. Names are limited to 10 characters.

Put your 10-10 member number in the TX Exchange field before logging. 

QSO points:
1 point for QSO with non-10-10 members.
2 points for QSO with 10-10 members.

Score = sum of QSO points.

Check the header of your Cabrillo log against the sponsors rules for correct information before submittal.