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School Club Roundup

Stations send RST, Class (I, C or S), and US state (including AK and HI), Canadian Prov/Terr or "DX". DX QSO QTH field is logged as the DXCC country prefix for multiplier count, but are changed to "DX" in the Cabrillo file.

Your class is entered in the setup form under Power/Class, or changed in the logging screen to I,C or S before logging.

Multipliers are per log:
1 multiplier for each US state, Canadian Prov or Terr and DXCC country. W, VE, KL7 and KH6 do not count as DXCC mults. GenLog will only score the S/P/C mults.

Sponsor additional mult scoring:
2 mults for each unique class-C station.
5 mults for each unique class-S station.
5 mults for KA2NRR QSO.

QSO Points: PH = 1, DIG = 2.
Work a station once on PH and once on Digital (CW, PSK, RTTY, DIG).

All Digital QSOs are CW in Cabrillo.
Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Use the sponsor`s summary to figure out your score. The contest sponsor will score your log anyway.

School entries:
Add one of these 4 school sub-classes to the CATEGORY: tag in Cabrillo.

Datafile required: [ StatesProv.dat ].