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UBA DX Contest

Non-Belgian stations send RST and a consecutive serial #. 
QSO points: With ON stations - 10 points.
With one of the 47 European Union countries - 3 pts.
All others - 1 point.
Multipliers are the ON callsign prefixes, 10 ON provinces + [BR]ussels and 47 European Union countries, per band.

Belgian stations send RST, serial # and a 2 letter province abbreviation. 
QSO points: With ON stations - 1 point.
With one of the 47 European Union countries - 2 points.
All others - 3 points.
Multipliers are DXCC countries, including ON, per band. 
Provinces are tagged with * to separate them from DXCC multipliers. The first ON multiplier per band is also tagged as a DXCC multiplier. 

CW and SSB contests are separate.
Score = QSO points  X  total # of multipliers.

Your log is submitted as a Cabrillo file named [urCall.cbr]. The contest sponsor will total up the multipliers and calculate your score based on the Cabrillo log file.

These write functions are in a secondary menu under the Log Write More Files Menu menu.

Datafiles required: