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RSGB Commonwealth Contest - CW

Commonwealth stations work Mandated Territories and Commonwealth stations with call areas other than their own. All of UK counts as one call area, therefore UK stations may not work each other for points. However, stations can work all HQ stations for points and bonuses.

All stations send RST and QSO serial #. Leading zeros are not necessary as they are added in the log files. 

HQ stations put `HQ` in the Sec/Prov field of the setup screen so it shows up in the Cabrillo log file - and send `HQ` after the serial number.

When logging an HQ station, enter a serial # and `HQ` as one entry.  
See more on multiple fields input.

QSO points: 5 points per QSO.
20 bonus points for every HQ station worked.
20 bonus points for the first three QSOs with each Commonwealth call area.
QSO points with bonus points count as 25 points (20+5).

Your score is the total QSO points. There are no multipliers.

Two sections: Open, no time limit. Restricted, only work 12 hours. See the rules to verify OFF/ON requirements and what is required in the summary file. Edit your summary file as needed.

The 130 or so different call areas are listed in the file [comwelth.dat] and can be viewed while logging. GenLog converts the 8 UK prefixes to `G` and 9M6 - 9M8 to 9M6/8 so that bonuses are counted properly.

Dark areas are Commonwealth and Mandated Territories.

Datafile required: [ comwelth.dat ].