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RSGB Jubilee Contest

British Commonwealth stations work everyone except your own call area. All of UK counts as one call area, therefore UK stations may not work each other for points. The rest of the world works only British Commonwealth stations. All stations send RST and QSO serial #.

QSO points: 5 points per QSO.

Multipliers: The different Commonwealth call areas per band.

Score = QSO points  X  total multipliers.

The 130 or so different call areas are listed in the file [comwelth.dat] and can be viewed while logging. GenLog converts the 8 UK prefixes to `G` and 9M6 - 9M8 to 9M6/8 so that multipliers are counted properly.

Dark areas are Commonwealth and Mandated Territories.

Datafile required: [ comwelth.dat ].