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MDXC Members Trophy

MDXC members send RST and member number. Your M### is placed in the TX exchange field before logging. Special Event stations (SES) and Headquarter station send just RST.

Non-members send RST and QSO serial number.

When working a SES or HQ station, use a dash (or blank) for the exchange entry. 

QSO points:
1 point for each non-member QSO.
2 points for each member QSO.
3 points with SES stations.
5 points for working HQ station IQ8MD.
Contact stations once per band and once per mode (PH and CW/Digital).

Multipliers are each member number - once per log. Since GenLog will not know what QSOs are with SES, make a note of this during the contest. Edit the #mult column of the log in NotePad and re-load it to update the score. Otherwise, the contest sponsor will score your log properly anyway.

Score is Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.

Both Cabrillo and ADIF outputs are available - depending on your category.

Datafile required for lookup: [ MDXC_Members.dat ].