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Generic and Fall VHF Sprints

Sprint bands:
50 MHz
144 MHz
222 MHz
432 MHz
903 MHz & up

You are prompted to enter one of the above band identifiers when you start logging, which configures the log header text.

Roving? See the ROVER category topic.

The exchange is your grid square and Call Sign.
6-digit grids can be used both sent and received, and are required in Microwave Sprints.
Multipliers are different 4-character grid squares, per band.
QSO points: 1 point for each QSO.
Score = total grids worked  X  total QSO points.

In Microwave Sprints where Q-points are not 1, you can edit the points in your log post contest to see the correct score.

Note: Future contest sponsors may use a different name for a Sprint. If scoring and multipliers are the same, you may change the name of the contest to be any name used by the sponsor. This is done by editing the first line of the ASCII log file that you named at the beginning of the contest, in NOTEPAD.

2010 903 MHz and up Sprint
10/04/02       W3KM           106

header changed:
2010 Fall Microwave Sprint
10/04/02       W3KM           106

The `106` is the contest option number that configures GenLog when the file is re-loaded.

Map datafiles required are here.