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Motorola QSO Party

Motorola employees and Motorola clubs:
Exchange RST and work location code - ex: PA06, ZIN22.
Multipliers are total Motorola locations, States, Provinces and DXCC countries.

Non-Motorola stations:
Exchange RST and State, Province or `DX`.
Multipliers are total Motorola locations.

For GenLog to score this contest, all States, Provinces and `DX` are entered as 2 characters only - exchanges >2 characters are counted as Motorola locations and scored accordingly.

When working a DX station, `DX` is inserted by default. If the station sends a Motorola location code, just over-type `DX` with the code.

QSO points: PH=1 point. CW=2 points.

Score = Total QSO points  X  total multipliers.