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County Hunting

GenLog will log counties, along with the state, etc. GenLog will keep track of the number of counties per band and the total different counties worked.

Upon loading a [County Hunting] log file (option 19), a window will show the total counties worked per band. The total number of unique counties worked is displayed in the green label to the left of this window.

While logging, to see the counties in a state, enter the state first. After entering the state, the county list for that state is displayed, to help with the spelling. After you <Enter> the QSO, the QSO is also displayed in the log window, without first resetting it. This is OK, you can just continue logging.

Or - click a QSO line to set the `State Co` label to the state of the clicked QSO.
Or - double-click a QSO in the log window to display the counties for that state.

The same county name can extend over many states. The state input field allows GenLog to sort the totals/uniques by also looking at the state. Check your spelling! County abbreviations are not used. Each different spelling of a county will show as a unique county for that state. Datafile required: [ counties.txt ]

Multi-word County names:
To allow entering a County name with spaces, select the {Allow Spaces} check-box. This over-rides the <Space> to accept keystroke. Keep in mind that only the <Enter> key will accept the county name when using this feature. This feature is not available in the {Log Edit} screen. Use NotePad to edit the log post entry. Maintain the columns when editing - particularly the {QSO Received} field, since you are editing the county name which preceeds the `Y' column. The log is <Space> delimited, do not use <Tabs>.

In the [ Edit/Change Log ] screen, edit the {QSO Received} field to `Y` if a card was received. Either scroll to the QSO of interest or find it by using the search function. An output of these QSLed QSOs can be done based on the QSL RX field.

Print-outs are provided for the total counties per band as well as the overall counties in the whole log.

County totals:
While not automatic, the following is a way to add selected QSOs to a County Hunting log {Option19}.

Or -
Since these contests are low pace and low activity - run a `County Hunting` log at the same time you are logging a QSO party - and also enter the QSO into the `County Hunting` log, with full spelling. Remember, you can operate in multiple contests and just click the filename to change logs. Hint: Give the logfile a name that tells you what the contest is - {ind_qp.log}  {co_hunt.log}  {usco_ssb.log} - so you can bounce between them quickly.

While logging, you can run the COUNTIES application and <Alt> + <Tab> between the software.

See a nice counties list and colored maps of each state at the County Hunting web site:

Open my {Counties.txt} file and copy/paste the state counties/abbreviations of interest into NotePad or EditPad and print them before a QSO Party.

Another good site for large state county maps is:
Just edit the state of interest into your browser`s address window, ie: change `pennsylvania` and hit <Enter>.