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ARRL 10-Meter Contest

W/VE/Mexico stations send signal report and state or province.

DX stations send signal report and serial number.

50 States + DC, 14 VE Provinces, 32 Mexico States and DXCC countries per mode.

QSO points:
CW = 4    PH = 2

Score = Multipliers  X  points.

When entering states/provinces, a hard-coded lookup table allows different inputs other than the exact abbreviation. PEN=PA,   KH6,HA,HAW=HI,   SA,SAS=SK, etc. See / print the data file [arrl_st.txt]. 

The power class for the Cabrillo file comes from the Power/Class field in the setup screen. They are similar to the ARRL November SS: A=Low, B=High and Q=QRP.

Datafile required: [ 10m-StatesPlus.dat ].