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IARU HF World Championship

Contesters send signal report and ITU Zone. IARU HQ, admin and executive stations send AC, R# or other valid abbreviation.

HQ, admin and exec members:
Enter your AC, R# or other abbreviation into the TX Exchange field.

Mults are ITU zones plus HQ and member-society station abbreviations, per band. HQ and member multipliers do not count as zone mults.

QSO points:
With own ITU zone or IARU member (non-zone), 1 point.
With different ITU zone, own continent, 3 points.
With different ITU zone and different continent, 5 points.
Continent and zone come from {dxcc_pre.dat} file lookup.

Work stations on both modes - CW and PH. Score = QSO points  X  multipliers.