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New England QSO Party

New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT) stations work everyone and send RST and 3-letter county, followed by your 2-letter state. Multipliers are the 50 states, 14 VE provinces and DXCC countries per log. DX mults are be tagged *dxccprefix in the log.

You do not enter anything in the `State` field when working non-NE stations. Enter the State or Province sent to you into the `SPC/DX` field and just hit <Enter> or <Space> for the `State` input. The same goes for DX stations being worked. SPC = State Province County.

I have not coded anything for mobiles and do not know what that situation produces while logging.

Others work the 6 NE state stations only and send RST and State/Province/DX. Multipliers are the 67 CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT counties per log.

The received exchange is a three letter county abbreviation, plus a 2 letter state. The abbreviations are listed in the NEQP rules and in the datafile [neqp_co.txt] . GenLog does not check the spelling of QSO exchange information that you enter!  {Worked} + {To Work} should be 67. If not, an entry is probably mispelled.

QSO points: PH=1 point, CW/DIG=2 points.
Score = QSO points  X  Multipliers.

The 5 character countystate can be entered in the county field as one entry. Or, enter the county and the state separately in the 2 fields provided. Be familiar with this before logging.

Your state (entered in the setup field) is the key that tells GenLog what end of the QSO you are operating from.

Datafiles required: