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Nebraska QSO Party

NE stations work everyone and send RST and county. Multipliers are 93 NE counties, 49 states + VE provinces + DXCC.

Mobiles: Change your sent county in the logger when you log QSOs in a different county. You can do this without exiting the logger.

Others work NE stations only and send RST and state/province/DXCC. Multipliers are the 93 NE counties.

QSO points: CW = 2, DIG = 2, PH = 1
Work stations on all 3 modes on each band: PH, CW and DIG.

Power factor:
GenLog Power/Class [Q] = 5W or less - QSO points X 3. 
Power/Class [A] = Less than 150W - QSO points X 2. 
Power/Class [B] = More than 150W - QSO points X 1.
Use the [ Multi/Bonus ] function to setup the power multiplier value. Then re-load the log file to update the score.

Score = QSO points  X  power factor  X  mults.

County abbreviations are 3 or 4 letters long. Check the list while logging.
Datafiles required: